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New Lead, Zinc and Nitrogen Steel Reference Materials

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 27, 2019 6:18:34 AM / by Dave Coler

Dave Coler

We are pleased to introduce five new certified reference materials in our MBH product line.  These new CRMs include two lead alloys, two zinc based galvanizing alloys and one high nitrogen stainless steel.



Lead Antimony Alloys

85X PSB28 is a lead alloy containing 2.73% Sb and 0.247% As well as certified values for Bi, Cu, Ag, Se and S.  85X PSB3 is also a lead Antimony alloy containing 2.22% Sb, 0.272% As, 0.145% Sn as well as lesser amounts of Bi, Cu, Ni, Cd, Ag, Se, Te, S and Zn. Both of these chill cast CRMs are available as 40mm diameter discs.

Zinc alloys


Galvanizing alloys

41X GLV12 is a zinc based galvanizing alloy containing 0.168% Al and lesser amounts of Pb, Cd, Fe, Sn, Cu, Ag, Ni, Mn, Co, Bi, Sb and Mg.

40m41X GLV13 is similar to GLV12 but contains 0.219% Al.  These CRMs are both chill cast and available as       40m m diameter discs.


High Nitrogen steel

13X 42027 is a high nitrogen martensitic stainless steel (UNS S4027).  This reference material is a grade 420 stainless steel containing 0.402% N and is available as a 40mm diameter disc.

These reference materials are appropriate for use with XRF, Optical Emission and ICP instrumentation.  

You can view and download the certificates of analysis on our new products page



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Dave Coler

Written by Dave Coler

General Manager at LGC ARMI

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