MBH Products

In 2018 MBH Analytical  was acquired by LGC Standards and combined with the ARMI business unit, creating the largest portfolio of metal alloy reference materials in the industry.  The combined company has a range of over 1400 of our own produced  CRMs , ranging from Aluminum to Zinc alloys  and everything in between.

The strength of the MBH product portfolio is its non- ferrous alloys combined with its range of European steel grades and cast irons.  MBH is also renown for its unusual custom compositions making them extremely useful for calibrating instrumentation.

The MBH portfolio includes the following alloy ranges:

  • Iron Base
  • Copper Base
  • Zinc Base
  • Aluminum Base
  • Magnesium Base
  • Tin Base
  • Lead Base
  • Lead/Tin Solders

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