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Certified Reference Material Producer and Distributor

ARMI | MBH  is an ISO 17034 accredited manufacturer of high quality metal alloy reference materials under the IARM and MBH brands and has the capability to source reference materials from around the world.  Metal alloy CRMs and RMs, non-metallic standards, and industrial and geological reference materials are available to cover a broad range of applications. Our catalog is extensive, but if you can’t find what you need, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find just the right standard for your project.  In addition to reference material production, ARMI | MBH also operates its own ISO 17043 accredited proficiency testing program for metal alloys.  

ARMI | MBH Brand Products

The ARMI | MBH products are certified through our ISO 17034 accredited program, which is dedicated to the production and development of quality CRMs. Our primary objective together is to supply those much-needed CRMs to serve the greater metals industry. We have also worked to develop and implement an industry acceptable system for the chemical characterization and certification of metal alloy materials that affords the scientific community an unequivocal level of confidence. It is equally important that we have traceability to values from the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) and from international certifying bodies as well.  LEARN MORE 

ARMI Calibration Set      

ARMI CRM forms






Proficiency Testing Program

The ARMI | MBH Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) is unique in the metals industry. It has features not found in any other metal PTP.  We have served the metals industry for over 30 years, using only CRMs as the foundation of our testing scheme.  LEARN MORE 

Rio Tinto ALCAN and European Commission's Joint Research Center  CRM's

ARMI | MBH is a  distributor for the Rio Tinto Alcan line of aluminum CRMs.  These CRMs are among the finest standards in the world produced for the Aluminum Industry and cover the full range of applications from ore to final product. Search the ALCAN Database 


ARMI | MBH is also an official authorized distributor of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) produced by the European Commission’s (EC) Joint Research Centre (JRC), Institute for Reference Materials and Measurement (IRMM).  For over 30 years, the EC has produced high quality CRMs.  These CRMs now represent approximately 650 different materials for use in the areas of organic and inorganic analysis and chemical and physical testing. LEARN MORE