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New Steel CRMs for August 2020 - 2 N and 1 Precipitation Hardening

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 25, 2020 9:45:00 AM / by Kim Halkiotis

Kim Halkiotis

Our ARMI | MBH team is continuing their work to develop more new products to ensure that we can provide the products you need for your analytical testing. I am proud to announce the release of 3 new Steel CRMs for our industrial's portfolio. included in this are two Nitrogen steels and a precipitation hardening steel . If you want to learn more about any one of products listed you can simply click on the links to view the certificate of analysis.

set-ball-bearing-picture-id650715254All three of these new steel standards are in our MBH portfolio, and include 2 Nitrogen steels and a precipitation hardening steel.

Nitrogen in steel helps to improve the mechanical and corrosion resistance of the steel, and steel with high N content (up to 0.9%) are used for stainless tools, bearings and for high strength non-magnetic applications. 

Our first new nitrogen steel, MBH-13X NSC4 G  is one of the highest N content steels we offer, certified with Cr=31.7%, Mn=7.78%, Ni=7.52%, Nb=2.37% and N=0.9%. Certified values for 9 other elements are included in the certificate.

Our second new Nitrogen Steel,  MBH-13X NSC5 C contains Cr=21.6%, Mn=2%, Ni=4.4%, Nb=2.3% and N=0.265% there are also 9 additional certified elements in this product. These two steels will compliment the other steels in this series to  provide good calibration ranges for many certified elements. 

Precipitation hardening steels containing Cr and Ni,  generally combine the ideal properties of high strength with heat treatment while maintaining their corrosion resistance. Our new precipitation hardening steel, MBH-13X PH3 N contains Cu=5.8%, Cr=16%, Ni=3.03%, Nb=0.45, and is also certified for 12 other elements, including Al, B, C, Co, Mn, Mo, N, P, S, Si, Ti and V. It complements the ranges included in our other precipitation hardening steel which was released in May, MBH-13X PH4 P .

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Kim Halkiotis

Written by Kim Halkiotis

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