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New Titanium Alloy Reference Materials Available

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 24, 2017 4:54:57 PM / by Dave Coler

Dave Coler


LGC ARMI announces the release of 5 new Titanium alloy reference materials: IARM 269B, IARM 300C, IARM 300D, IARM 312B, IARM 367A

These reference materials are available in three different forms depending on your analytical technique; 38mm diamater x 3mm thickness for XRF, 38mm diameter x 19mm thickness for arc spark OES or as chips for analysis by ICP or AA. 


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IARM 269B  IARM 300C  IARM 300D  IARM 312B  IARM 367A 


New Ti Alloys.png


IARM 269B is a grade Ti 8-1-1  and replaces IARM 269A

IARM 269B Chemistry.png


IARM 300C and 300D are both grade Ti 6-7 and replace IARM 300B

IARM 300C Chemistry.png


IARM 300D Chemistry.png


IARM 312B is a grade CP4 and replaces IARM 312A

IARM 312B Chemistry.png

IARM 367A is a grade Ti 2-1.5 and is a new addition to the product portfolio.

IARM 367A Chemistry.png


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Dave Coler

Written by Dave Coler

General Manager at LGC ARMI

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