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New CRMs for High Temperature Steel Grades 91, P92, Aermet® 100 and DP 1080

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Dave Coler

 Our latest certified reference materials include some common and some unusual alloys to help your lab enhance its quantitative analysis capabilities.   These reference materials are perfect for extending the range of your calibration curves,  using as verification samples or for use as type standards . They are also great for positive material identification applications.

These certified reference materials were produced under our are ISO 17034 accreditation and are therefore fit for use in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

These new CRMs include steel grades 91 and P92 as well as Aermet®  100 and a dual phase 1080.

Metal Pipes Small

The grade 91 and P92 are high temperature steels commonly used in power plants and contain 8-9% Cr.   Aermet® 100 is an ultra-high strength steel alloy commonly used in aerospace applications.  It contains approximately 13% Co, 11% Ni and 1% Mo.  The dual phase steel is high strength steel with a ferritic-martensitic micro-structure and is often used in automotive applications.

The reference materials are available in three forms optimized for different types of analytical techniques

  • 38mm diameter x3mm thick disks for XRF (EDXRF or WDXRF), LIBS
  • 38mm diameter x 19mm thick disks for OE (Optical Emission), GD AES
  • 100g bottles of chips for ICP-OES and ICP-MS

You can order the parts for your specific analytical needs using the part numbers shown below.

    Part Number  
Alloy Grade XRF Genral or OE Chips
91 Fe91-18-X Fe91-18-G Fe91-18-C
92P FeP92-18-X FeP92-18-G FeP92-18-C
Aermet®  100  FeA100-18-X FeA100-18-G FeA100-18-C
1080 Dual Phase FeDP1080-18-X FeDP1080-18-G FeDP1080-18-C


You can view and  download the Certificates of Analysis  for the full elemental composition  of each reference material on our new products page

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Any of these products look interesting ?  Get a quotation now !


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Dave Coler

Written by Dave Coler

General Manager at LGC ARMI

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