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New Copper Base CRMs for CDA 172 and CDA 642

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Dave Coler


New copper based certified reference materials (CRMs) for grades CDA 172 and CDA 642 are now available from ARMI-MBH. These two CRMs were produced under our ISO 17034 accreditation for reference material production and  fulfill the requirements for laboratories operating under ISO 17025.

Copper bars

CDA 172 (UNS C17200) is a beryllium copper known for its high strength and hardness.  It contains approximately 1.8-2.0% Be as well as 0.2% Al and Co with Cu as the remainder.  The alloys good electrical conductivity along with its mechanical properties make it useful in a multitude of applications including, electrical connectors and precision machined parts.

The ARMI-MBH certified reference material for CDA 172 is IARM-Cu-172-18.  It is available as a general disc 38mm x 19mm for use in optical emission spectrometers (OE), as a 38mm x 3mm disc for XRF and LIBS applications and as chips for ICP analysis.

 CDA 172 and CDA 642

CDA 642 (UNS C64200) is a silicon aluminum bronze with high strength and corrosion resistance.  This alloy is used for a number of applications including precision parts like vales and value stems especially in marine environments where its corrosion resistance is beneficial.   This alloy contains 6.3- 7 % Al and 1.5 - 1.8% Si as well as smaller amounts of Pb, Fe, Sn, Zn, Ni and As with Cu as the balance.

The ARMI-MBH certified reference material for CDA 642 is IARM-Cu-642-18.  Like all of our products it is available in forms appropriate for XRF, LIBS, OE and ICP analytical methods.


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Dave Coler

Written by Dave Coler

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