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 NIST soil samples have long been the go-to solution for analysts looking for standards of varying levels of contaminants when testing sediment and soil samples for contamination.  IAG has developed a solution to the higher priced NIST CRMS in the form of three RM materials which closely match the composition of each of the popular  NIST Soils 2709, 2710 and 2711.

The SdAR series of reference materials have been designed to resemble the sediments, soils and related materials which are typically sampled when monitoring levels of environmental contamination. This contamination  is often associated with, discharges from mining operations or industrial pollution. The preparation of these materials was carefully considered, and was done to maintain the properties which make a natural sample so desirable. Each sample is a carefully prepared combination of ore-grade material from multiple locations, diluted with baseline soils and sediment. The use of natural materials maintains the effect of mineralogy on chemical analysis, and the use of distinct blending ratios provides a smooth and gradual calibration over a wide concentration range.

Each of these three standards are available in polycarbonate bottles containing 80g of material.

This unique series of reference materials have been designed as substitutes for the expensive NIST 2709-2711 metal-bearing sediment SRMs of similar composition (see diagrams). A low (SdAR-L2), medium (SdAR-M2) and high (SdAR-H1). These reference materials are intended for use in the calibration of portable XRF instruments and in routine laboratory analysis.

New analysis has been conducted on these materials to include data based on aqua-regia selective extraction procedures, which is now available in an addendum to the original certificates. This information will be particularly useful for laboratories seeking reference materials for aqua-regia  extractions performed at 90 to 110°C, reflecting the procedures commonly used by commercial laboratories which service the industries for mining and geochemical exploration, and for environmental monitoring.


These standards are available individually or as a set with special set pricing.

To see the full data-set for all standards, including the aqua-regia extraction, download the certificate

SdAR Soils Cert

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