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Stellite 6B/ R30016 IARM-COR30016-22
Ti 6-2-2-2-2 / R56222 IARM-TI62222-22
Ti 6-2-4-6 / R56260 IARM-TI6246-22
Ti 5-2-2-4-4 / R58650 IARM-TI52244-22
Ti 10-2-3 / R56410 IARM-TI1023-22
AISI 6150 / G61500 IARM-FE6150-22
Pewter MBH-91X S63PR4-22
Sn/Pb Solder MBH-91X S63PR2-22
Sn/Pb Solder MBH-91X S40PR2-22
Bronze MBH-32X SN7-22
Leaded Bronze MBH-32X LB10-22
Alloy G-30 / N06030 IARM-NIG30-22
CDA 693 / C69300 IARM-CU693-21
High Purity Al alloy SUS, QA10/RA10 ALSUS220-24
AISI 1144 / G11440 FE1144-22
Alloy 300M / K44220 FE300M-22
Martensitic Stainless, AISI 416 / S41600 FE416-22
Nickel Steel, AISI 4340 / G43400 FE4340-22
Custom 455 / S45500 FE455-22
Inconel 625 / N06625 NI625-23
Inconel 718 / N07718 NI718-22
Nickel Chromium, Rene 41 / N07041 NIRENE41-21
Low Alloy Cast Iron 11X C1-22
Tin Setting-up Sample 1611X SNSUS6-22
Lead with Impurities 83X PR5-22
Pig Iron low level elements, CRM FEPIGL-21
Pig Iron low level elements, RM FEPIGL-RM
Lead/Antimony Alloy with Arsenic PBSB1-22
Lead/Antimony Alloy PBSB2-22
Lead/Antimony Alloy PBSB3-22
Inconel Type 718, Ni/Cr/Fe Alloy NI718-23
316L Stainless Steel, UNS S31603 FE316L-23
High Purity 99.99 lead SUS PB11-22
Nickel Iron, Alloy 330 / N08330 NI330-21
High-Level Rare Earth Carbonatite, Powder RM REE-HI-22-P
Low-Level Rare Earth Carbonatite, Powder RM


Mid-Level Rare Earth Carbonatite, Powder RM REE-MID-22-P
Ore Grade, Light Rare Earth Element Carbonatite Powder REE-ORE1-22-P
Hastelloy B-2 / N10665 NIB2-23
 Ti 5-5-5-3 (Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr) TI5553-21
Grade 23, Ti 6-4 ELI / R56407 TI64ELI-22
High Mn Steel 14X MN4-21
Invar 36 / K93601 FEINVR36-22
Alloy C-250 / K92890 FEC250-21
Alloy 904L / N08904 FE904L-22
Alloy 254SMO / S31254 FE254SMO-21
AISI 422 / S42200 FE422-22
Alloy 415 / S41500 FE415-21
AISI 304L / S30403 FE304L-22
Alloy 2507 / S32750 FE2507-21
Anorthosite from Stillwater Complex, MT, Powder CRM ASC-21-P
Carlin-Type Gold Ore with Au Certified at 8.9 ppm, Powder CRM AU-ORE1-21-P
Merriam Crater Basalt Powder CRM BAS-MC-22-P
Fish Canyon Tuff Creede, CO (Dacite), Powder CRM FCT-21-P
Norite from Stillwater Complex, MT, Powder CRM NSC-21-P
CRM, Pig Iron (Medium) FEPIGM-21
CRM, Pig Iron (High) FEPIGH-21
Low-Alloy Steel 12X 15254-21
A182 Grade F1 / K12822 FEF1-21
D6-AC / K24728 FED6AC-22
AISI 12L14 / G12144 FE12L14-21
Tin-Base Lead Free Solder 74X WS-21
Tin-Base Lead Free Solder 74X CA9-21
Tin-Base Lead Free Solder 74X CA6-21
Tin-Base Lead Free Solder 74X CA5-21
Tin-Base Lead Free Solder 74X CA4-21
Tin-Base Lead Free Solder 74X CA1-21
RM, Pig Iron (Medium) FePIGM-RM-G
RM, Pig Iron (High) FePIGH-RM-G
Lead Babbitt, Pb/Sn/Sb 86X PSS1 C
Pb/Sn Solder 91X S62AG2-21
Lead Alloy 83X PR3-21
Lead Alloy 83X PR1-21
Solder Binary Alloy, Pb/Sn 91X S63P-22
Bronze Alloy 32X SN5 C
Lead Alloy 85X SM31-21
Battery Alloy, Pb/Ca 84X BA12-21
Battery Alloy, Pb/Sn/Ca 84X BA11-21
Battery Alloy, Pb/Sn/Ca

84X BA9-21

Battery Alloy, Pb/Sn/Ca 84X BA7-21
CDA 464 / C46400 Cu464-21
CDA 954 / C95400 Cu954-21
CDA 182 / C18200 Cu182-18
Low Alloy Steel, AISI 8620, UNS G86200 12X 86200-21
A182 - F11 (1¼Cr ½Mo) / UNS K11572 FeF11-21
RM, AA6061 / UNS A96061 AL6061-21
RM, AA6061 / UNS A96061 AL6061-19
RM, AA2024 UNS A92024 AL2024-18
RM, AA1100 / UNS A91100 AL1100-20
High Purity AL SUS 220H-22
Pb/Sn/Ca Battery Alloy 84X BA22 C
Pb/Sb Alloy 85X PSB3 L
Various Lead Alloy 85X CADH D
Battery Alloy Pb/Sn/Ca 84X BA2 E
Pb/Sn/Ca Battery Alloy 84X BA13 C
Cobalt Alloy, MP35N / R30035  COMP35N-18
Pb/Sn/Ca Battery Alloy 84X BA14 B
Tin with Impurities 71X SR3 G
CDA 110 / UNS C11000 CU110-18
CDA 101 / UNS C10100 CU101-18
Al/Si/Cu Alloy 55X G02D9 L
 AA6351 /  A96351 AL6351-20
Tin with Impurities 71X SR2 G
Al Bronze, CDA 954 /  C95400 Cu954-20
Galvanizing Alloy 41X GLV16-19
Galvanizing Alloy 41X GLV15-19
Galvanizing Alloy 41X GLV14-19
Austenitic Stainless /  S32180 13X-32180 A
Tool Steel L6 / T61206 FeL6-18
Traces in Brass 31X B25 C
Manganese Brass 31X MNB12 C
Stainless Steel AISI 409 / S40900 Fe409-20
Nickel Alloy R405 / N04405 Ni405-20
Ferritic Stainless Steel 13X 40800 A
Nickel Alloy 690 / N06690 Ni690-20
Nickel Steel, 8620 / G86200


Titanium CP Grade 4, A70 / R50700 TIG4-18
Austenitic Stainless Steel 13X 33425 A
Nickel Alloy 686 / N06686 Ni686-20
Bismuth Brass 31X BIB1 E
Phosphor-Copper 32X PB17 A
Nickel Alloy 800 / N08800 Ni800-19
Cr/Mo AlSI 4140 / G41400 Fe4140-19
Austenitic Stainless Steel 13X 18004 C
Low Alloy Steel 12X 15252 R
Cast Iron with Chrome 11X 15309 T
Nitrogen Stainless Steel 13X NSC3 AB
High Nitrogen Stainless Steel 13X NSC1 Q
Martensitic Stainless Steel 13X 12548 N
Low Alloy Steel 12X LA5 D
Low Alloy Steel 12X 15260 X
Low Alloy Cast Iron 11X C9 E
Ti 6-6-2 / R56620 Ti662-19
Cast Iron with Chromium 11X 15295 S
Corrosion Resistant Iron 11X 0331.2 M
Alloy 800 / N08800 Ni800-18
CPM 15V, Tool Steel Fe15V-18
CDA 844 / C84400 Cu844-18
CDA 836 / C83600 Cu836-18
CDA 172 / C17200 Cu172-19
Phosphor Bronze 32X PB15 B
Phosphor-Copper 31X TB1 L
Bismuth Brass 31X BiB4 D
Majors in Brass 31X B22 G
Alloyed  Brass 31X B19 S
Majors in Brass 31X B10 N
AA6063 / A69063 Al6063-20
AA6061 / A96061 Al6061-19
AA5182 / A95182 Al5182-20
AA3104 / A93104 Al3104-20
AA356.2 / A03562 Al356.2-19

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