LGC Industrial Sample Preparation Equipment

Metal Finishing Sample Prep

Surface finish is critical to analysis of solid metal samples - click the links below to learn more 

HK-150 Pendulum Grinder for OES and XRFHK150


HK-200 Disk Grinder for OES and XRF





ICP and AA Sample Prep

Complete digestion of metals for ICP analysis can be time consuming and utilize toxic chemicals. Click below to see how you can do it better.

ColdBlock sample digestion using Short-Wave Infrared for rapid digestion of even difficult to dissolve metal samples. 


ColdBlock Digestion CB12L



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XRF Sample Prep

Good XRF analysis begins with well prepared samples. Click below to learn what ARMI | MBH has to help you with your XRF preparation.

4551 Pellet Press Automated press for easy preparation of pressed pellets.