Nickel and Cobalt Alloys

We have a wide range of Certified Reference Materials of Nickel ARMI Nickel Alloy CRMsand Cobalt based alloys suitable for use as calibration standards,  type standards, Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Proficiency  testing materials.  These CRM's are available as thin disks for XRF, thick discs for  OE  and chips for ICP-OES , ICP-MS and AA.  These materials are also available as pin discs for GD-MS -AES on request.

We currently offer the following grades but if you don't see what you are looking for, let us know and we can develop it through our rapid certification program.


AL 6XN Alloy 725 Alloy X Permendur 3V
Alloy 028 Alloy 740 Alloy X750 Elgiloy 
Alloy 20 Alloy 800 B 1900 HP-Co 
Alloy 244H Alloy 825 CMSX-4 MP35N 
Alloy 25-6Mo Alloy 904L E HP F-75
Alloy 282 Alloy 909 El NI-SP MP-159 
Alloy 330 Alloy 925 ELNI-HP Ultimet 1233 
Alloy 333 Alloy B-2 Haynes 214 Alloy L605 
Alloy 400 Alloy B-3 Haynes 230 Alloy 6B
Alloy 600 Alloy C-2000 Haynes 242 Alloy 188 
Alloy 601 Alloy C-22 HPNI  
Alloy 602CA Alloy C-22HS HPNI-HI  
Alloy 617 Alloy C263 HPNI-LO  
Alloy 625 Alloy C276 HPNI-MI  
Alloy 625 Alloy G-30 Mar-M 247  
Alloy 686 Alloy G-35 Ni 200  
Alloy 690 Alloy HR-120 Rene 41  
Alloy 690T Alloy K500 Rene 77  
Alloy 693 Alloy PE16 Udimet 500  
Alloy 718 Alloy R405 Waspaloy  






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