Carbon and Low Alloy Steel

We have a wide range of Certified Reference Materials of carbon and low alloy steel suitable for use as calibration standards,  type standards, Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Proficiency  testing materials.  These CRM's are available as thin disks for XRF, thick discs for  OE  and chips for ICP-OES , ICP-MS and AA.  These materials are also available as pin discs for GD-MS -AES on request.  ARMI CRMs for carbon and low alloy steel


We currently offer the following grades but if you don't see what you are looking for, let us know and we can develop it through our rapid certification program.


1¼Cr ½Mo AISI 1144 AISI E9310        Grade 60
2¼Cr 1Mo AISI 1215 AISI H-11 Grade 722
420/60 AISI 1215 AISI M-62 Grade 75S
5Cr ½Mo AISI 1215 Bi Alloy P92 Grade 91
86L20 AISI 12L14 Alloy T23 Grade A615-75
9Cr 1Mo AISI 1541 C ½Mo Grade A706-60
A36 AISI 300M CLA1 Grade A706-80
AISI 1018 AISI 4130 CLA10 Grade DP1080
AISI 1026 AISI 4140 CLA11 HP9-4-30
AISI 1030 AISI 4330M CLA12 Hy-Tuff
AISI 1035 AISI 4340 CLA2 M10
AISI 1040 AISI 4340 CLA3 NIT 135M
AISI 1045 AISI 4620 CLA4 STA 361
AISI 1050 AISI 4820 CLA5  
AISI 1060 AISI 5140H CLA6  
AISI 1070 AISI 8620 CLA7  
AISI 1070 AISI 8740 CLA8  
AISI 1117 AISI D-2 CLA9  
AISI 1118 AISI E52100 CP Iron  
AISI 1141 AISI E6150 D6-AC  



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