Stainless Steel

We have a wide range of Certified Reference Materials of stainless steels  suitable for use as calibration standards,  type standards, Positive Material Identification (PMI) and proficiency testing materials.  These CRM's are available as thin disks for XRF, thick discs for OE and chips for ICP-OES , ICP-MS and AA.  ARMI CRMs for stainless steel


We currently offer the following grades but if you don't see what you are looking for, let us know and we can develop it through our rapid certification program.


A286 AISI 410 Alloy AM355 NMS-100
Aermet 100 AISI 415 Alloy C-250 PH13-8Mo
AISI 15-5PH AISI 416 Alloy C-300 Zeron 100
AISI 17-4 PH AISI 420 Alloy C-350  
AISI 17-7 PH AISI 420FS Custom 450  
AISI 301 AISI 422 Custom 455  
AISI 302 AISI 430 Custom 465  
AISI 302 HQ AISI 430FS Ferralium 255  
AISI 303 AISI 431 Greek Ascoloy  
AISI 303Se AISI 440C Haynes 556  
AISI 304 AISI 440F Se Invar-36  
AISI 304L AISI 446 Kovar  
AISI 309 Alloy 16-6-2-2 M-152  
AISI 310 Alloy 2101 Maraging 300  
AISI 316 Alloy 2205 Nitronic 40  
AISI 316H Alloy 2304 Nitronic 50  
AISI 316L Alloy 2507 Nitronic 60  
AISI 317L Alloy 253MA NMS 140  
AISI 321 Alloy 254SMO NMS J38  
AISI 347 Alloy 255 NMS MDC  

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