IARM Metal Alloy Reference Materials

Since 1984 the IARM products have been certified through our Inter-Laboratory Analysis Program (ILAP), which is dedicated to the production and development of the highest quality certified Reference materials (CRMs).  A key feature of this program  is the traceability of each CRM to values from the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) and other international certifying bodies.

The IARM products are available in three different forms compatible with  XRF,  OE or ICP.

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New Reference Material Development:

The 90/10 Share Program 

The 90/10 Share Program is a simple, cost effective service that develops new commercial certified reference materials (CRMs) that are not readily available to the scientific consumer.  Many common alloy materials are well represented with CRMs, while spectrochemical standards are essentially non-existent for up to 85% of alloys extant today.  We launched our 90/10 Share Program in 1990 specifically to create CRMs for special customer applications, while sharing the tasks and the costs of development.  The process is simple,

  • The customer donates the specific alloy material.
  • The material is then processed through our  ISO 17034 compliant  certification program.
  • After certification, 10% of the remaining material is returned to the customer in any form desired (solids, chips, X-Ray discs, etc). We retain the balance for commercial sale.

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