25 Piece Nickel/Cobalt  Alloy Set

The nickel/cobalt set includes 25 of the most common Nickel and cobalt alloys and is ideal for calibrating your instrument, as type standards or for Positive Material Identification (PMI) grade matching. This set is available as thin discs for XRF, thick discs for optical emission or as chips for analysis by ICP. The specific alloy grades included in the set are shown below, but substitutions are possible.

This set can be combined with the other matrix specific alloy sets for form a comprehensive 100 piece master alloy set.


Alloy Grade UNS Number Alloy Grade UNS Number
Alloy 20 N08020 Alloy C-276  N10276
Alloy 330 N08330 Alloy G-30 N06030
Alloy 400  N04400 Alloy PE-16  
Alloy 600 N06600 Alloy X N06002
Alloy 617 N06617 Alloy X750 N07750
Alloy 625  N06625 Haynes 214 N07214
Alloy 690 N06690 Haynes 230 N06230
Alloy 718  N07718 Ni 200 N02200
Alloy 725 N07725 Udimet 500 N07500
Alloy 825 N08825 Waspaloy N07001
Alloy 909  N19909 Cobalt Elgiloy R30003
Alloy B-2 N10665 Cobalt  Stellite 6B  R30016
Alloy C-22 N06022    


Other alloys sets include: