New Aluminum SUS available-IARM 220G

Written by Dave Coler | Jun 28, 2017 8:37:15 PM

Set Up Samples (SUS)

 Set up Samples were described in a previous blog post by Charlie Hodges entitled “How to Choose the Correct Aluminum Reference Material for Your Application” but in general, they are homogeneous reference materials used for daily drift correction or standardization or slope correction, typically for arc spark optical emission spectroscopy.  These materials are homogeneous and are usually provided with a certificate of analysis showing the approximate chemical composition but differ from a certified reference material in that there is no supporting statistical data.   These types of materials offer a low cost alternative to consuming expensive CRM’s for daily drift correction.

ARMI is proud to introduce the Aluminum SUS IARM-220G which is a grade QA 10 pure Aluminum reference material and the successor to IARM 220F.  The trace element composition of this high purity Aluminum reference material was determined using AES and GD-MS and the certificate of analysis is shown below.