Automatic, Safe, High Quality Fusion  

Making the Benefits of Fusion Accessible for Everyone

The Nieka GS-4 fluxer is a cost effective automatic fusion machine for XRF with 4 stations and a compact footprint. The G-series fusion components are enclosed in a built in safety cabinet that is locked during fusion until the cooling  step is over, providing you with the safest operation.

For the first time in a gas fluxer, the G-series offers reliable temperature monitoring of the fusion process (patent pending). With a huge built in touch screen for easy editing of methods and monitoring of your fusion process, you can create perfectly homogeneous fused beads every time.

Bring the power of fusion to your laboratory with this simple safe and cost effective sample preparation solution.

Nieka® G-Series - new and unique features

  • High Productivity - 4 positions (up to 24 samples per hour)
  • Automated Operation - Multilingual integrated touchscreen controller with accessible controls, easy to follow fusion program execution through the instrument screen, or your PC.
  • Monitoring - Temperature monitoring of the fusion process (patent pending), real-time monitoring through the Nieka data management system. 
  • Efficiency and Repeatability - proprietary heating chambers allow a high thermal efficiency and higher fusion temperatures for difficult samples.
  • Easy Installation - low pressure gas line and standard electrical outlet. no compressed air or oxygen is required.
  • Safety - integrated locking safety door, real time fusion monitoring and automatic shut off featu