Register to Participate in the LGC ARMI ILAP Program

LGC ARMI Certification Program

LGC ARMI's Certification Program is a network of expert laboratories who provide data to assist in the certification of new reference materials. While the network has primarily focused on certifying metal alloys we also work on a wider range of materials including powders for industrial applications, such as slags and cements as well as geological materials.

Your participation in this program contributes to providing needed certified reference materials to the greater analytical community.

In return for your participation you will receive:

  • 20% discount on all ARMI produced products
  • 10% discount on any purchase of Rio Tinto Alcan Aluminum Standards
  • 10% discount on any European Joint CRM's (BCR, IRMM and ERM)
  • Keep the ILAP sample as a free CRM once its certified

 These benefits are extended to those who participate in at least one ILAP round per year.

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