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Copper, Brass & Bronze Alloys

Copper, Brass & Bronze Alloy Chemistries

 Material Forms and Dimensions

  • General - General purpose size (~38mm or ~31mm diameter x ~19mm thick) intended for use in consumptive techniques such as OE and GD Spectroscopy.

  • X-Ray - Sizes ~38mm or ~31mm diameter x ~3mm thin discs or ~8mm thick discs designed specifically for use with portable and lab-based XRF Instruments.

  • Chips - Bottles containing ~100g of uniformly sized (sieved) chips for use with combustion techniques and dissolution techniques such as ICP, DCP and AA Spectroscopy.

   General Pricing

  Description Suffix # Price
  General -G Please Call for Pricing
(603) 935-4100
  X-Ray -X
  Chips -C

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